Vinyl Decking, the right choice for a waterproofing system that will protect your investment and save you valuable time.

RAILPRO has the right Vinyl product, color, thickness and waterproofing protection for your deck. With over 10,000 decks completed and standing the test of time, we have gained a practical knowledge on how to provide the proper preparation and installation methods that guarantee protection of the wood deck and the building envelope.
Our Vinyl comes from Vinyl suppliers, Deck Rite and Dek Smart, they provide vinyl extruded and fused directly to 100 % polyester backing. This backing absorbs adhesive well to bind positively to wood, concrete, fibreglass and metal surfaces.
Its comprehensive quality also masks irregularities better than non- polyester backing vinyl. Vinyl decking is easy to install over existing or new decks, it is also a cost efficient and superior option for exterior walkways, balconies, docks, decks, sun porches, around swimming pools and hot tubs. This is a great alternative to traditional high maintenance wood deck and concrete pads.

With Vinyl Decking you can forget about the yearly maintenance of painting, power washing, sanding and resealing. NO more slivers, exposed nails or ugly rotting wood,
our vinyl decks are slip resistant, mildew resistant, and waterproof.

With over 10,000 decks under our belt, we know how to properly waterproof and protect your investment for the future, with our experience of ensuring a positive water lap, maintaining the integrity of the building envelope we will guarantee your success.

We have a Five year warranty on 42 mil products, Ten year Warranty on 72 mil products.
Stock Color choices are Beige, Grey, Speckle Beige, Speckle Grey, River Rock Tan and Grey, additional colors can be also sourced and supplied

To assist in your installation, we have built a reference library of installation drawings to meet the various applications, and are available on request, please let us know how we can be of service to you.