RailPro Catalogue


When it comes time to address your drooping deck, we have the solutions.

RAILPRO has many years experience in retrofitting damaged and rotten wood issues on homes and condominium projects. We recognize our clients are concerned in making the right choice in repairing the damage and then protecting their investment for the long term. The costs can become astronomical if not addressed when visible signs indicate damage or distress in the building or deck.

We have worked with and continue to work with building envelope engineers and gained valuable knowledge in understanding the best method to waterproof , by ensuring we maintain the proper waterproof laps and membrane connections. We will only guarantee the correct waterproof method to maintain the envelope seal on your building and deck. RAILPRO has its own 60 ft man lift to reach the hard to get places and get the repairs done economically as possible.

Knowing your Contractor and trusting the repair will be handled correctly, will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

RAILPRO can access your issues and come up with practical solutions, along with cost estimates that you will be able to rely on.