RailPro Catalogue


Building great products, takes the right equipment, facility and knowledgeable staff that care about Excellence as the end result. At RAILPRO we are proud of our staff and they have proven they have the right stuff. We use Solid Works Design software, to build and test run your idea before we start fabricating. Solid Works gives us the ability to even have your design tested to engineered standards.

We have mastered the fabrication of Aluminum Rail and related products. Railpro has branched out into fabrication of other metal products. Our 44,000 sq ft shop gives us the room to be well equipped, to cut, brake, assemble, weld and powder coat your project.

Some of our builds include, Medicine Hat College Steel Welding Benches, Truck Body renovations, Trailer rebuilds, Misc Stainless steel products for Canadian Forces Base Suffield, Custom Brake work, Racing car part repairs.

Once your project is built we can Sandblast it clean and Powder coat it, any one of our stock 50 colors. The finished product will look amazing, be durable and environmentally friendly as powder coating is a non hazardous product.

Railpro looks forward to providing you with a Top Quality Job that we will both be proud of.